Travis Charles Smith

Travis Charles Smith opened his law practice right out of law school in 2009. His primary focus was to provide clear communication about legal issues with his clients. The legal system is complex, and the practice of law necessarily involves a lot of jargon. Travis will be your translator, so you understand what is going on.

Travis has build a practice based on clear communication, quick and expedient answers to client questions, and a resource of information when the client needs it.

How Travis does things differently 

Travis focuses on accomplishing the client’s goals in the most efficient manner as possible, while providing the most convenience to the client as possible. If the client does not need to attend a hearing, we make sure the client is informed. Further, we do everything we can to accomplish the best outcome while minimizing the amount of the time the client must attend hearings, or meetings at lawyer offices.

Travis focuses on what his clients need:

  • Honest, straight-to-the-point analysis
  • Excellent customer service,
  • Being available for phone calls and status updates, and
  • Handling cases as efficiently as possible.
  • Video and phone conferences, if more convenient to the client
  • Electronic payments and billing, if more convenient to the client

While too many lawyers want to prove how smart they are, Travis wants you to get the information you want, and the results you want, as fast as possible!

Today, Travis focuses on Personal Injury,  Landowner Rights and Expungements. If you have an old criminal record that is preventing you from reaching your true potential, Travis is committed to helping you at the most reasonable price possible.

To schedule a consultation with Travis, contact us by phone or email.

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