Travis Charles Smith

Travis Charles Smith opened his law practice right out of law school in 2009. With enough street smarts and people smarts, Travis took his practice from literally nothing to serving hundreds of clients in need, trying dozens of cases, and recovering hundreds of thousands of dollars for his clients, all without ever having worked for another law firm.

How Travis does things differently 

Travis uses common sense and ditched the traditional law firm model, which says Lawyers are very important people who must bill clients for every phone call, meeting, and email all while doing things the way the way they’ve always been done (i.e. taking forever).

Instead, Travis focuses on what his clients need:

  • Honest, straight-to-the-point analysis
  • Excellent customer service,
  • Being available for phone calls and status updates, and
  • Handling cases as efficiently as possible.

While too many lawyers want to prove how smart they are, Travis wants you to get the information you want, and the results you want, as fast as possible!

Today, Travis focuses on Personal InjuryLandowner Rights and Expungements. If you have an old criminal record that is preventing you from reaching your true potential, Travis is committed to helping you at the most reasonable price possible.

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