Expunging Oklahoma Arrest Records

The Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is a state agency that tracks criminal arrests across the state. OSBI collects data from all 77 counties and each of the cities and towns within those counties.

OSBI then creates a record profile for each person who was arrested, and assigns that person an OSBI number. This record contains the person’s first, middle and last name; birth date; social security number; race; sex; birthplace; citizenship; and physical description of height, weight, and any scars or tattoos, including a description of where on the body; and any other names used, including any maiden names, married names, former names from marriages or adoptions.

The report then contains the dates of any arrests in the State of Oklahoma, identifies the city/town/county where the arrest occurred, which police force made the arrest, and whether charges were filed and the outcome of the criminal case in court.

This report can be obtained by anyone for $15.00. This report is also shared with law enforcement agencies in other states. So if a person moves from Oklahoma to Florida or Texas, and applies for a job, the Oklahoma arrest profile will pop up on the Florida back ground check or Texas back ground check. This is common among most states.

Even if you were never charged with a crime and were released immediately after the arrest, the record still exists. The OSBI record will identify the date your were arrested, but may not say you were never charged. Instead, it might say “referred to D.A.”

The Process for Expunging Oklahoma Arrest Records

If you were arrested, for any crime, including violent felonies, but never charged, you may ask to have your record expunged.

If you were arrested, and actually charged with a crime, your expungement eligibility will depend on whether the charge was a misdemeanor, non-violent felony or violent felony. Violent felonies are not eligible for expungement if you were served any time at all, pleaded guilty or no contest or paid any fines. However, if you were simply arrested but never charged, you may be able to expunge your arrest record.

If you received deferred sentence probation for a misdemeanor or non-violent felony, you can expunge your case after a certain amount of time has passed. We are happy to analyze your case for free and give you an answer as to whether your record can be expunged and how much it will cost. Travis regularly expunges misdemeanor and non-violent felony arrest records for as low as $499 plus filing fees and costs.

If you are interested, simply complete this form or call us to set up a free consultation. This consultation can be done in person or over the phone if more convenient. After your initial consultation, you know exactly what the costs will be and whether your case can be expunged.

We will file your case, and immediately start working with the lawyers at OSBI, as well as the local prosecutors to reach an agreement on your case. Once we have worked out an agreement, we will present your case to judge and ask him or her to sign off on your expungement.

Once the Court has ordered that your case be expunged, we will send certified copies to OSBI, the Court Clerk, and the police and any city/town/county involved and notify them of the court order.

Once your arrest records have been expunged, you can legally deny that the arrest or case ever happened.