One type of case that I am seeing and hearing about more often lately are claims against car dealerships for unfair and deceptive trade practices, ranging from common law fraud to violations of Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act.

Oklahoma Car Dealerships Do Anything to Push the Sale

In Oklahoma, many people have experienced deception in the arms-length bargaining that occurs at the dealership.  One example is where the dealer that pushes the consumer into extended over night “test-drives.”  The dealer insists that the consumer take the new car home, even before the sale is finalized. Maybe financing hasn’t been approved yet. Doesn’t matter, the Dealership just can’t wait.  Thereafter, the consumer returns the new car only to learn that the Dealer has already sold the consumer’s trade-in vehicle, prior to closing the sale.  Imagine what kind of position that leaves a person in!

Other times, the dealer will unnecessarily hit a person’s credit over and over again, negatively impacting their credit score.  There are even instances where local dealership’s have instructed their employees on how to properly forge signatures on applications.

The Auto Dealers’ Solution in Oklahoma: Arbitration Clauses

Many of these dealerships include arbitration clauses in their contracts.  Therefore, they try to get the consumer to sign a contract immediately, in theory enabling them to compel arbitration if the consumer later tries to bring a lawsuit against the dealership.  This creates a legal question of whether the arbitration clause is enforceable, and whether the consumer’s claims against the dealership must be brought through arbitration instead of in district court.  Currently, there is much discussion and debate among attorneys as to the validity of such arbitration clauses in these circumstances.

Oklahoma Lawyer helps customers against Bad Car Dealerships

Travis Charles Smith has successfully litigated claims against car dealerships that involved arbitration clauses.  If you have been a victim of bait and switch tactics, or other deceptive trade practices by car dealerships, call us to discuss your case.  While we cannot guarantee anything, Travis can discuss the facts of your case and assess the value of your claim.  Every case is different, and it’s impossible to give an opinion unless all of the facts and documents are before us.  Therefore, you must schedule an appointment to go over your case.  All appointments are free of charge at our law office, and Travis would be happy to review your case with you.