Too many people are missing out on the good jobs, the good real estate, the good professional associations…even financial aid and college scholarships! All because they have an Oklahoma arrest record.

As we’ve written about before, more people than you realize are affected by their past criminal records. You probably know quite a few people in this category, whether you realize it or not.

People in Oklahoma with Arrest Records have less options for jobs and housing

The simple truth is that if you have an arrest record, you are missing opportunities.

In Oklahoma, having a criminal record can affect:

As you already know, too many aspects of your life have been dictated for you simply because of something you did a long time ago. But the good news is it does not have to be that way.

Hire an Expungement Lawyer and Erase your Oklahoma Criminal Record

You can erase your past by hiring a lawyer to expunge your record. Start by calling or texting 405-724-8112 to get started today.

We handle hundreds of expungements a year and we can help you. We makes the process easy and convenient. You can hire us online, you don’t have to come downtown, you don’t have to come to court; we handle everything for you.

We will take your case and have it completed in typically 60 days or less. Once we complete the expungement process, you can legally deny it ever happened, and your employers, landlord, professional peers, associations and government agencies will not be able to view your past charges or use them against you.

Sounds pretty good, right? It is.

Hiring an expungement lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make, and will likely result in an increase in your income within the first year.

Need more information about the Expungement process in Oklahoma?

We are happy to provide you with information about your specific case. Just send us an email or call 405-724-8112 or send a text. We can meet you in person, or schedule a phone conference, or answer all of your questions through text and email. We work for you, and therefore, we communicate to you in the medium that is most convenient for you.

We will answer your questions about

  • Price
  • Payment plans
  • Payment options (cash, check, paypal, wire transfer, credit card, etc)
  • Expected timeline
  • Specific details about the county your case(s) is in
  • Details about the process
  • Our experience
  • Possible objections to your expungement
  • the appeals process
  • Anything you can think of

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