UPDATE 06/30/2016: After this article was posted online, the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals issued a ruling that substantially affects this area of law. Accordingly, the content of this article may be out of date and no longer valid.

Did you or your family sign an arbitration agreement before admitting to the nursing home in Oklahoma? Are you worried that your legal rights may have been affected? What is arbitration and how does it affect your rights?

Oklahoma City Attorney Travis Charles Smith explains your rights in this video:

Nursing Homes in Oklahoma cannot require Mandatory Arbitration.

Under Oklahoma law, a nursing home cannot force a patient, or the family, into arbitration. You have a right to have  your case heard in the district courts and you have a right to a jury trial. You cannot be forced to hire a private arbitrator and pay that arbitrator by the hour to hear your case. Mandatory arbitration is unenforceable and illegal in the State of Oklahoma.

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