A car accident can be a life-changing event.  Even lesser accidents can cause a huge inconvenience and loss.  Not having a car, missing time off from work means less money.  It is lost time and it can crush your ability to advance; in your career; in your personal life. Less time spent with your loved ones.  An injury can disturb the peace and enjoyment of your family.

Then of course there’s medical bills and doctor’s appointments. Not to mention the tremendous pain and suffering one may experience.

If you have been injured or harmed in an accident, you can recover compensation for your damages suffered, including present medical expenses, future medical expenses; lost wages and income, as well as projected loss of future income; and noneconomic damages for pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.

Please remember there is no need to do this alone.  When you are injured and lying in a hospital bed or at home, you have enough to worry about.  Do not burden yourself or your spouse with the task making an insurance claim and trying to get compensation.  By hiring an experienced car accident attorney, you get peace of mind that your case is being handled, and you will with the maximum final amount.

I am experienced in insurance claims and getting the right amount of compensation for my clients.  Further, I am not limited to the claims process.  If I feel like I am getting nowhere with the insurance company, I don’t hesitate to file a lawsuit and take our business to the courts, and to trial if necessary.  I have litigated car accident lawsuits in the courts of Oklahoma County and other counties throughout Oklahoma.

My job is to unload as much stress off the client as reasonably possible during this very stressful time.  Let me assume the role of getting your just compensation for you, so you can rest assured that your medical bills are being taken care of, that you are getting the maximal recovery possible, and that your legal rights are being enforced.  We are experienced auto-accident lawyers on your side, ready to tackle the insurance companies and fight for you.