Car Accidents

Has a car accident in Oklahoma put your life on hold?

A car wreck can be a life-changing event. Almost all accidents cause a huge inconvenience and loss.   Accidents involving serious injuries cause tremendous loss in many forms: medical bills, lost wages, future medical treatment and prescription drugs. Not to mention the tremendous pain and suffering one may experience. An injury can disturb the peace and enjoyment of your family.

Even accidents that don’t involve serious injuries can cause major disruption in your life: Not having a car, missing time off from work, all of which means less money in your pocket and more headache. It is lost time and it can crush your ability to advance in your career and in your personal life. Less time spent with your loved ones.

Just the hassle of having to deal with everything that comes with a car accident – paying medical bills, going to all of your doctor’s appointments – can overwhelm a person.

You need a car accident lawyer who will deal with the insurance adjusters, the medical bills, and the doctors so you don’t have to.

When you hire Travis Charles Smith, you get the benefit of being able to sleep at night, knowing you case is in good hands.  If you get collection calls for the medical bills, we’ll take care of that.  When we settle your case, we will take care of getting the doctors and hospitals paid.  You will get a check from us, and we will take care of the rest: paying off your court costs and medical providers.

Oklahoma Legal Advisors you can trust. We are just a phone call away.

As our client, you will never be in the dark.  We will maintain regular contact with you and always keep you informed of the status of your case and settlement.  We will always promptly convey any settlement offers and our opinion on them.  We work for you.  You are in charge.  All we do is advise and doggedly pursue the best outcome possible.

Call us now and speak directly with Oklahoma City Attorney Travis Charles Smith.

We do encourage you to call us about your case.  We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Sometimes its just nice to just talk to a lawyer about your situation. Or, schedule a consultation at our office.  In special circumstances, we will meet with prospective clients at their homes or other convenient place to assess the case.  Call us to discuss the possibility of this in your case.

Once we take the case, we can travel to meet out of town clients, and do so often.  In order to truly represent the client’s interests, a lawyer must know what its like to walk in their shoes.  If we are to take your case to trial and tell your story, we better know the full story and be aware of all the details. And that means going to the client’s home and seeing how the client lives and deals with the injury.