Finally, some good news for those with non-violent felony convictions in Oklahoma. The Expungement laws have finally been amended to allow for expungement of non-violent felony crimes. The changes go into effect on November 1, 2018.

People with Felony Convictions do not need a Pardon anymore to get record Expunged

Up until this point, the benefits of expungement have only been available to those convicted of misdemeanor crimes and those who received deferred sentences for their felony crimes. Individuals not so lucky to have deferred sentences but instead received suspended sentences (or served any time at all) have not been eligible for an expungement without first obtaining a pardon from the governor. And anyone who’s been down that road knows what kind of a lottery ticket process that can be.

But not anymore. Beginning November 1, 2018, persons convicted of non-violent felonies will be able to expunge and seal their convictions.

The eligibility is very simple:

  • A single felony conviction (defined as one case, even if multiple charges)
  • It was a non-violent crime
  • No other felony or misdemeanor convictions in last seven years
  • At least five years have passed since the completion of the sentence

Meet the above criteria and you will no longer be a convicted felon!

Five years out of the penitentiary and you can expunge your case!

Why you should Expunge your Felony criminal record

If you have a felony conviction, you know your life has been altered since the day you were convicted. The world views convicted felons completely different from everyone else.

Employers are reluctant to even schedule job interviews. Many residential landlords and property managers will not rent apartments to convicted felons. Many professional organizations have rules against allowing persons with felonies to join.

Bottom line: people with felony convictions are shut out from the most of the opportunities available to everyone else. Even if they are willing to work harder than the rest, their record keeps them out. They don’t even get a chance to compete!

This is why you must expunge your record as soon as possible. Don’t let the world shut you out. By expunging your record, it will be as if it never happened. You can legally deny you were ever convicted or even arrested. You will no longer be held back from pursuing the greatest opportunities because of some words on a background check.

If you have a felony conviction, an expungement will change your life. It will hands down be the best decision you will ever make. How could anything else compare? The goal of life is to be the best you can be. The problem for ex-cons is the never even get a chance to take shot and give it a try. But by hiring an expungement lawyer, you can remove those barriers and get in the game.

How to Hire an Oklahoma Expungement Lawyer

You can change your life today by completing this form. Once you have sent the information, we will call you immediately to get started.

The process is simple. Once we screen your eligibility, all you have to do is deposit payment online (or by check, cash or money order at our office), and we will get started. You do not have to leave the house if you do not want to. We can handle your case remotely and you will never even have to appear in court.

Once we’ve completed the process, we will let you know and send you certified copies. Afterwards, your background check will come up blank! You will be an innocent man or woman. And you can live your life as if it never happened.

Why Hire Travis Charles Smith to be your Expungement Lawyer?

Because Travis Charles Smith provides the highest quality of client service among any other expungement lawyer in Oklahoma. He makes the process as seamless and easy as possible for the client. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t even have to come to our office or appear in court. Travis has the best level of client communication. And he works fast!

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Still not sure what to do?

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