Property Damage by Oklahoma Municipalities

Cities and towns control our water and sewer systems, and therefore we rely on them for very important services.

But cities and towns must take precaution to not damage your land while they furnish these services to us. This would include ensuring not to create a hazard or nuisance to your land, as well as ensuring not to damage your property while City workers repair nearby water lines, sewer lines, sidewalks or streets.

Process of bringing a Government Tort Claim in Oklahoma

If your property was damaged by a city worker, city truck, bus, or agency, you must file a notice of tort claim with the clerk of that government agency. This is a separate and additional process that must be taken in cases involving government entities.

Travis Charles Smith is very experienced in the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act and in lawsuits against municipalities and other state agencies.

Oklahoma Landowner Rights Attorney

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