This article is the first in a series on very common question: “Do I need to hire a lawyer to settle this car accident?” This is a great question, and one I would be asking myself if I was not an attorney. I will be writing this series in order to help victims of car accidents address what I have found to be very common question that follows nearly every car wreck.

Evaluating whether you need a Lawyer after a Car Accident in Oklahoma

The answer really depends on the:

  1. Severity of the accident,
  2. the controversy of the facts (is fault admitted?), and
  3. the amount of compensation sought.

In cases involving just property damage or even minor injuries, a person may be able to resolve their claim on their own. Cases with serious injuries are a different matter. In this series, I will go over each of these various scenarios and give my opinion on when to seek counsel.

Read more about the different types of car accidents:

This Blog series will help you decide whether you need to hire a lawyer for your car accident claim in Oklahoma.

My goal is to give you some “real talk” about a very common question. Which is hard to find on the internet. If you type the title of this article in a search engine, you will find hundreds of attorney websites telling you over and over again that you need to hire an attorney immediately!1b0045072b9742a58a3aaeffde1352c5

Not every case requires a car accident lawyer. Some cases always require a lawyer. And sometimes it just depends on how much money you want.

The fact that not every car accident case requires a lawyer is pretty obvious. You probably don’t need a lawyer for that 5-mph fender-bender in a Wal-Mart parking lot where the only thing damaged is your vehicle’s bumper. But that’s not the answer you’ll get if you read the hundreds of websites telling you to “call a lawyer immediately!”

What’s going on then? These lawyers are using their websites to cast the widest net possible. They want every call possible, regardless of the nature of the accident, hoping to land a big case.   Then they have non-lawyer employees screen the calls, looking for a big case and throwing out the others. Therefore, their blog articles on whether you need a lawyer aren’t really that helpful, are they? They aren’t providing helpful information, at all. They’re just shouting, “call now!”

That’s not the purpose of this series.

Use this information to decide whether to hire a lawyer for your car accident case in Oklahoma

My goal is to provide you with helpful information so you can decide for yourself whether to hire a lawyer for your car accident. If your case is one that can be handled on your own, I will not hesitate to tell you. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve told a person how to settle their own claim and told them they didn’t need to hire me. Other times, it will just depend on how much you want. If you’re willing to settle for less, go for it. If you want to maximize your claim, call us for a free consultation.

If you can’t decide, call (405) 724-8112 to speak to an Oklahoma City Lawyer about your car accident case

For more info handling your own claim, this article here is a good place to start. If you would like to discuss, then call us at (405) 724-8112. Otherwise, stay tuned for further explanation on when to call a lawyer and when to just call the insurance company yourself.