Are you a real estate Investor in Oklahoma, but live in another state?

Many real estate investors from around the country put their money to work in Oklahoma’s real estate market. With comparatively lower retail prices, and a stable local economy, Oklahoma provides good returns to out of state investors.

Many investors reside outside of Oklahoma, while simultaneously owning rental property in Oklahoma. This method of long-distance investing works for many out of state landlords, as long as everything is properly delegated.

Evicting Tenants as an Out-of-State Investor in Oklahoma

The purpose of rental property investing is the generate cash flow from rental income. The cash flow is used to maintain the property, as well as service any debt used to purchase the property. Only after expenses for the mortgage, maintenance and repairs do Landlords make a  profit.

When a tenant stops paying rent, the property loses that cash flow that is needed for debt service, maintenance and capital improvements. When this happens, it is imperative to get the situation remediated as quickly as possible to resume cash flow for the property.

If the tenant refuses to pay rent, the landlord may initiate eviction proceedings against the tenant. If the landlord resides out of state, they may hire a lawyer to handle the eviction proceedings.

The Process for evicting tenants that out-of-state investors must follow

Out of state investors can legally evict tenants that have defaulted on the lease agreement, but must follow all legal requirements.

Prior to Evicting a Tenant in Court, the Landlord must serve a five-day Notice to Quit on the tenant. The service must be made by either personal service, or posting the notice on the leased premises and sending a copy by certified mail to the tenant.

Hiring a Lawyer to Evict the tenants from your Oklahoma rental property

If you need to evict a tenant in Oklahoma, while residing in another state, you can hire an attorney to handle the process for you.

You can contact our office to handle this process for you. We represent out-of-state Landlords in eviction proceedings, and we can handle everything that needs to be done to get the tenant removed from the property, and legal possession delivered back to you.

Providing Legal Eviction Services for Out-of-State Investors in Oklahoma

When you need to get the tenant out quick so you can return to cash flowing your rental property, contact our office. We offer full-service eviction retainers. We will handle everything for you.

We will work with your property manager to post the 5-Day Notice to Quit on the premises of your rental property. We will file the Petition for Forcible Entry and Detainer and have it served on the tenant.

We will make an appearance on your behalf at the Eviction Hearing. You will not need to appear; we will handle this for you, with assistance of your property manager.

At the eviction hearing, we will obtain a judgment for possession of the property. We will then ask the court to issue a writ of assistance directed at the Sheriff to go lock out the property. We will notify your property managers what to do after the Sheriff executes the lock out.

Communicating with your Eviction Lawyer by Video Conference

Although you are out of state, we will still maintain good communication with you or your office. We are available for phone conferences and video conferences to keep you up to date on your case status.

We will work with your property manager to coordinate anything that needs to be done to get the tenant legally evicted from the property and legal possession of the asset returned back to you.

You can call or text us at 405-724-8112 or contact us online.