Erase Your Past – Expunge Criminal Records, Only $499

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Expungement

How do you get rid of a criminal record in Oklahoma?

Do you have an old criminal charge that keeps haunting you? It could be a felony or even a simple misdemeanor. Every time you apply for a job, the employer asks you about your old case.

Or what about that time you were arrested but weren’t even charged? They put hand cuffs on you, you sat in the back of a police car…. and then they never even pressed charges. Is there a record for that too? Than answer is yes and those arrest records are accessible just by paying $15 to OSBI.

In Oklahoma, it costs only $15 to look up past criminal arrest records.

Anyone can dig up your past. It costs only $15 and all they need is your date of birth and/or social security number.

Employers frequently pull OSBI history reports to screen employees and potential applicants. You’re not alone if you’ve been arrested. I recall seeing one report that one-third of boys today can expect to have an arrest record by age 23. That’s an astonishing amount of arrests, especially since a large portion of those are not real criminals. So how can you remove this thorn in your side?

We Charge only $499 to Expunge Your Records.

There is a tool that Lawyers use and it’s called Expungement. This is a straightforward process, yet many attorney’s charge over $1000 to their clients for typical expungements.

What we offer is real representation, by an experienced Oklahoma Expungement Lawyer. We will handle everything, from the filing of your case to all correspondence with the District Attorney, any necessary Law Enforcement agencies, and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

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How an Expungement works in Court system

Expungement is the sealing of criminal records. An expungement is accomplished by filing a petition with the court asking for the record or file to be sealed from public view. If the court approves the petition and grants the expugement, then all the records and documents related to the file are permanently sealed from public view.

If your past is haunting you, contact us to speak with an experienced expungement lawyer.  Simply complete the form above.

You may be just a few steps away from sealing your criminal/arrest records from public view, which is the legal equivalent of erasing a part of your history. The only people that will have access to these records will be law enforcement, but they’re not allowed to share or disclose them with anyone after expungement. To the public at large, this part of history never happened and you will be legally entitled to deny you were ever arrested or charged.

Hire an Expungement Attorney today for only $499

Our attorneys charge only $499 for expungement cases in Oklahoma County and surrounding areas. Read this article for all details about the costs of an expungement.

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