Expunge Oklahoma criminal records | Fast and Affordable, with Payment plan options

Do you need an Expungement in the Oklahoma City area?

Do you have a criminal record that is keeping you from getting a job, getting enrolled in college or is otherwise keeping you from being more successful? Are you tired of having your privacy invaded? You may be eligible for a full expungement of your criminal record.

What does an expungement do?

A full expungement pursuant to 22 Okla. Stat. §§ 18 and 19 will permanently seal from public view all records relating to:

  • the Arrest
  • the Booking photos and information
  • the Charges filed
  • the entire Court file
  • Any related forfeiture case or other civil proceedings

Once your case is expunged, you can legally deny it ever happened. In addition, government agencies, educational institutions, and employers in Oklahoma are prohibited from inquiring about expunged records. That means that after you have your record(s) expunged, none of these people can you ask you to disclose it. They can’t even ask if you’ve ever had an expungement. If they do, you have the legal right to always answer, “No!”

What types of records can you expunge in Oklahoma?

If you hire us, we can expunge the following:

If you have questions about which category your case is in, just fill out the form above and we will get back with you immediately and explain how we can expunge your case.

How much does an expungement in Oklahoma cost?

We charge a retainer for $1,500.00 for uncontested expungements in Oklahoma on a county by county basis. That means that we charge a flat fee retainer for each county that has criminal records that you would like expunged. If you have criminal records in multiple counties, you will have to file a new expungement in each county.

However, if you have multiple records or multiple cases in a single county, your retainer will cover all cases and records that are within that county. So if you have two misdemeanors and one felony in Oklahoma County, your retainer will cover the cost of expunging all of those cases. However, if you have a misdemeanor in Tulsa County, another misdemeanor in Canadian County, and a felony in Oklahoma County, we would have to charge a separate retainer for each county. You may call our office to get legal advice on whether there are advantages to expunging one county before/after another in your specific situation.

Our retainer includes the filings fees, and OSBI processing fee, as well as legal fees for expunging all of a client’s known records in a given county, without having to write additional briefs or attend additional evidentiary hearings in response to government objections. In the event your case is contested, we will notify you and provide you with a written price quote on what it will take to properly respond.

Lastly, while our retainer includes the district court filing fee and the OSBI fee, it does not include any additional processing fees that municipalities or police departments may charge to process the expungement after your case is over. For the more familiar towns, cities, and police departments that we work with, we can provide you with these additional quotes. But please understand that towns and cities are political entities that can change their fees and so this information may be changing frequently.

How much are the legal fees for a contested expungement?

Most expungements are uncontested. If your case or charges are eligible under the statute, there is a good chance that once we file your Petition for Expungement that the State, Prosecutors, and Law Enforcement agencies will simply agree to the expungement. We see this in over 95% of our cases. Sometimes they agree automatically, and sometimes we discuss your case with them behind the scenes. But more often than not, we can push your expungement through the system without having to go to trial.

In some cases, however, one or more government lawyers may not agree to your expungement. This usually happens when a client’s cases involves complex questions of law or fact, or after a recent change has occurred in the expungement statutes. Cases involving allegations of sex crimes, even if the case being expunged is not a sex crime, will more likely receive an objection. Sometimes cases involving domestic violence, even if they meet the qualifying criteria, will incur objections, because of the state’s interest in protecting women (we’ve seen this argument many times).

If the State contests your expungement, then additional briefs and hearings will be required. In these types of cases, we charge an additional retainer. We are usually able to predict this ahead of time during the initial consultation. The only other times this happens is if the client does not give us all information about their prior conviction history in other states. If you would like a free quote, please complete the form below.

What are the filing fees for an expungement in Oklahoma?

There are at least three types of government costs in a typical expungement case: the cost to obtain a criminal history report; the district court filing fee, and the OSBI processing fee. In addition, sometimes municipalities or police departments will also charge a processing fee, similar to OSBI. Here is a break down of costs in an expungement case in Oklahoma:

  • Attorney’s Fee
  • OSBI Criminal History Report
  • Filing fee paid to the District Court
  • Certified mail or postage fees
  • Processing fee paid to OSBI
  • Processing fee paid to Municipality (if applicable)

The filing fee in Oklahoma County (2020) is $164.14. This fee is paid directly to the Court Clerk in order to file your petition for expungement and get a hearing in front of a judge.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is a state agency that collects data on arrests and criminal charges, around the entire state. If you are arrested, the arresting agency generally sends your information to OSBI, and OSBI keeps a catalog on you. (Sometimes, the police agency or sheriff’s office forgets to send your file to OSBI, and therefore OSBI won’t have a record on you, but the local authorities will still have their records).

After your case is successfully expunged in Court, we must send a certified copy of that Court Order to all agencies that have records on you, including OSBI. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) charges an administrative fee of $150 to formally expunge your record.

If the Oklahoma City Police were involved in your case, then you add $150 to that, because the City of Oklahoma City charges an administrative fee of $150 to process OSBI (they have basically copied what OSBI does and they have passed an ordinance to allow this). The City of Bethany also charges $150. The City of Midwest City charges $50.

It is very possible that you could have multiple law enforcement agencies involved in a single case. For a custom price quote for your case, simply complete the form below.

How much do other Attorneys charge for Expungements in Oklahoma?

Most attorneys in Oklahoma charge over $2000 (not including costs) to file an expungement in Oklahoma County!

In fact, it is not uncommon for many of our peers in the legal profession to charge between $2500 to $5000 – not including filing fees or costs — for a simple expungement.

Why other Attorneys do not advertise their prices

If you browse the internet, you will find many attorneys who claim to do affordable expungements, yet they do not advertise the price. Some will even say they charge flat fees, instead of hourly rates, yet they still will not disclose what the flat fee is until you arrive at their office.

Why don’t they price advertise? Because they charge a lot of money!

Think about it. If your service is really expensive, you will probably not attract customers based on price, so you advertise other reasons to hire you, such as past experience, or familiarity with the law. But these things are a prerequisite to being a competent expungement lawyer anyway.

Why is our price so low?

Because we believe in affordable prices and access to justice. And because most expungements are not that complicated.

We believe that most lawyers are overpriced and charge too much for services like expungements.

Our fee is designed to compensate us for our time involved in screening the client’s case, preparing the proper documents, circulating the documents to all parties including the court and all law enforcement agencies; our appearance before the judge at the final hearing, and our work after the expungement in sending the court’s order to all agencies.

RETAINER PRICE LIST for each county:

We handle expungements in every county in the state of Oklahoma. We are based in downtown OKC, and therefore we handle a large volume of expungements in Oklahoma County district court. However, we charge the same retainer for all other counties in Oklahoma.

No matter what courthouse your expungment is in, we will work to make sure you don’t have to come to court!

The following chart shows the required retainers for various counties. These retainers include the attorney fees, district court filing fees, postage, and processing fees to the agencies that charge to clear their systems. I’ve included a total amount for your convenience.

  • Oklahoma County, generally: $1,500
  • Oklahoma County (w/ OKC): $1,650
  • Oklahoma County (w/ MWC): $1,550
  • Canadian County: $1,500
  • Cleveland County: $1,500
  • Tulsa County: $1,500
  • All other counties: $1,500 total cost. Please contact our office for a direct price quote for your county.

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