Are you considering a life in the Wheeler District?  The friendly, walkable, urban village that lies just south of downtown Oklahoma City is growing by leaps and bounds every quarter. New homes, shops and restaurants are being added all the time. Now is a great time to make the move!

You have two options: rent or buy.

But why rent when you can buy? There are many loan options available, some with minimal down payment. When you go through a wholesale mortgage broker, you will see the difference we offer from a traditional bank.

Do you need a pre-approval letter to make an offer on a Wheeler District property?

A pre-approval letter from a bank or mortgage lender states you have the necessary assets and income to be approved for a loan. A pre-approval letter will typically state an amount of money that you are pre-qualified to borrow.

Pre-Approval letters are typically required by sellers during the contract process. Sellers are usually hesitant to accept purchase offers from buyers that do not have proof of financing. And they should be. A real estate purchase contract can tie up a property for 30 days or more, preventing the seller from accepting other offers from other buyers. Therefore, most sellers require a buy submit proof of financing before submitting an offer.

The easiest way to do this is to get a pre-approval letter from a mortgage lender, and you can do that right now through this website. Click here to complete this application to get a pre-approval letter from one of our wholesale mortgage lenders.

Wholesale mortgage options for the Wheeler District in Oklahoma City

I am a wholesale mortgage broker. I have access to a nationwide network of mortgage lenders – companies that make loans to people buying houses.

My lenders differ from traditional banks, which often have physical buildings around town. Traditional banks offer checking accounts, credit cards, auto loans, and lines of credit. But on average, they are much more expensive to use when buying a house. They just don’t advertise this fact.

Why are traditional banks more expensive? One reason is because of the things I just mentioned, like maintaining brick and mortar locations, employees and all the other services offered.  But another reason is that they simply charge more because they can. You are already go there for many other reasons and services. You are a captive audience to them, and they can get away with charging extra for origination fees, loan fees, and even paying too much for things like title examination and legal fees. All of these fees get passed on to the borrower.

But with wholesale lenders, because they only offer mortgage loans, they are much more efficient and cheaper than traditional banks. The best part is that I can shop them for you, and bring you back the best options.

It’s like having a membership to CostCo or Sam’s Club, but you don’t have to pay a membership fee. I do that for you, and I am able to go shop the wholesale lenders on your behalf.

Get a pre-approval letter to buy a home in the Wheeler District in OKC

If you are considering a move to Wheeler, it is worth your time to complete this application for pre-approval. This application will take only a few minutes and will be well worth your time.

When you use my mortgage brokerage, this will be the only application you will ever complete. I will use this application to get you pre-approved, so you can start making offers on houses or condos. Later, when it is time to apply for the loan, this same application be used. Why fill out multiple applications at multiple banks when you can come here, and complete a single application to be used with multiple lenders? That is one of the many benefits of using a wholesale mortgage broker.

About Oklahoma City Mortgage Broker Travis Charles Smith

Travis C. Smith is a licensed mortgage broker (NMLS #2596609) and real estate attorney. Travis can not only advise you on legal issues surrounding real estate purchases but can also shop mortgage loans for you on the wholesale marketplace.

Travis is also available when you need him most: on the weekends when you are looking at houses.  Simply call for help when you need a loan to buy a house. Call or text (405) 701-6016.