At TCS Law Firm, we love helping people understand their rights after a car wreck. We’ve previously explained how you can decide for yourself whether you need to hire a lawyer for your car accident case. We’ve also explained six basic things you must do immediately after the wreck.

After you have gotten your medical treatment and filed your insurance claim, follow these tips to get the best settlement with the insurance company. But if the insurance company won’t settle, then you have to file a lawsuit. How long do you have to hire a lawyer and sue? Travis Charles Smith explains how the statute of limitations affects your right to sue after a car accident.

How the Statute of Limitations in Oklahoma creates Deadlines in your Car Accident Case

In Oklahoma, you have two years to file a lawsuit, from the date of the accident. That means, if your accident occurred on July 1, 2015, you have until June 30, 2017 to file the lawsuit. Even if you were in the hospital for a long time, and have spent a year or two negotiating with the insurance company, you still only have 2 years to file the lawsuit.

Some people, and some lawyers, spend two years negotiating with the insurance company. As I explained in a previous blog post, I think that is a waste of time and just delays the time it will take to get the client paid.

You must be careful, because the two-year deadline can pass, and the insurance carrier will not tell you. They may even continue to negotiate with you after the deadline has passed, even though they will of course never pay.  Or maybe the deadline is approaching. They will continue to negotiate, hoping that you do not file suit. However, once that deadline passes, you have no legal right to recover anything and they will not pay you, even if they continue to take your calls.

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