A common question we get from prospective clients is regarding how long you have to file a lawsuit. In this video, attorney Travis Charles Smith explains how the statute of limitations affects your rights to file a lawsuit in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma, Your Legal Rights have Deadlines

In Oklahoma, your rights have deadlines. If you don’t utilize them, they expire. But if you understand these rights, you can protect your interests.

Watch this short video to hear Travis explain how long you have to file your lawsuit in Oklahoma.

What is a Statute of Limitations?

A “statute of limitations” is a statute (which is simply a law passed by the legislature) that places a deadline for bringing a lawsuit. A lawsuit is brought by a person who has a claim against someone for something that person did or didn’t do. Here are some examples:

  • A bad driver causes a car wreck in which you are badly hurt. You now have a claim against the bad driver for negligence.
  • You discover that your parent has been abused in a nursing home. Your parent has claim against the nursing home.
  • Your house is damaged in a hail storm. You file a claim with your homeowner’s policy but the insurance company denies your claim. You now have a claim against the insurance company.

With Some Exceptions, most Injury and Damage cases have a Two-Year Deadline

Some claims must be filed within one year. But most of the types of cases we handle at TCS Law Firm — such as car accidents, nursing home abuse, and bad faith insurance — have a deadline of two years to file the lawsuit.

Also, be aware that medical malpractice cases have a two year statute of limitations in Oklahoma, as well. Other types of cases have shorter or longer deadlines to file suit.

Any case predicated on trespass must be filed within two years of the alleged intrusion. This affects many types of environmental suits, as those cases are usually predicated on some form of trespass, whether it be pollution or running water/sewage.

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