If you are reading this blog article, you probably received a ticket recently for marijuana possession. Or you maybe it didn’t go so smooth as a ticket. Maybe you were arrested; had your car impounded; and had to post bail just to get released and then pay to get your car out of impound.

What is more unjust: possessing a plant or having to deal with the financial and personal consequences of all of the above? To any rational thinker, it is quite obviously the latter.

But now you have a criminal charge for possession of Marijuana in either a county district court or in one of the numerous municipal courts in Oklahoma. You probably have two questions in your mind:

  • how to do make this all go away?
  • how much is it going to cost me?!

Your Legal Strategy for getting the best outcome for your marijuana criminal case

This series of blog articles will walk you through the different routes you can take in resolving your charge for possession of marijuana or paraphernalia in Oklahoma courts.

The first topic covers the penalties for marijuana possession in Oklahoma. This is changing due to the passage of State Question 788. But unfortunately for most, possession is still illegal with a medical prescription. The good news is that the penalty is reduced. The bad news is that many municipalities have not updated their ordinances. What do you do? Hire a lawyer and argue the unconstitutionality of these ridiculous laws? I outline a better plan, that is quicker, more cost effective, and results in your ability to quickly erase the case through expungement.

The next topic is on How to Represent Yourself in Court. If you are following my plan, you are trying to save as much money as possible. Why pay a lawyer to negotiate a fine when you can negotiate the fine yourself? Save your money for the expungement. An expungement is a legal process that goes very quickly and smoothly if you have a lawyer. Apply your hard earned cash toward erasing the past.

Which brings us to the third blog post in this series and that is expunging your charges for marijuana possession.

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