Oklahoma Landowner Rights Lawyer

Nothing is more necessary to the securing of a free and open society than the protection of private property ownership. Our economy relies on an enforceable rule of law that protects property rights. Without such protections, our economy (and freedom) would fall apart.

Oklahoma City Attorney Travis Charles Smith understands the importance of private property rights. Travis helps Landowners across Oklahoma protect their property in cases against governments and private corporations.

Travis can help you in any of the following areas:

  • Condemnation
  • Fire Damage from (Un)Controlled Burns
  • Damage from Ranching Operations
  • Municipal Sewage Back-ups
  • Nuisance cases
  • Property Damage by Utility Companies
  • Property Damage by Municipalities
  • Property Damage by Private Contractors

OKC attorney helping landowners in lawsuits involving their Land

If you need an attorney for a case involving damage to your land, call our office to see if we are a good fit. After an initial phone consultation, Travis will schedule a visit to your property, so that he can see the damage in person. This is also a good opportunity for Travis to meet the owners, their family, and any witnesses or neighbors who may be helpful in the case.

If Travis accepts your case, he will first seek to get a damage appraisal. This will involve hiring an expert in the area of relevant damage (example: real estate appraisals for condemnation, arborist for tree damage, etc). Next, he will outline a litigation strategy on what needs to be done to prove your case. Once we have a damage appraisal and strategy, he will push your case hard and fast to trial.

The benefit of Travis’ approach to landowner litigation is twofold: First, getting a case ready for trial is the best way to settle a case (which saves the client time and money); Second, if the case doesn’t settle, that is ok because we have wasted no time in getting the clients and witnesses ready for trial and now we can take the Defendants to court.