Oklahoma City Last Will & Testament Lawyer

last will and testamentBy adequately preparing an estate plan, you ensure that your family members will have an easier time administering your estate after you die. A properly executed Last Will & Testament is a critical part of preparing your estate plan.

Your Last Will & Testament is your written instruction manual that dictates how you want your estate distributed. You can also instruct how you want your children to be cared for, if they are minors. You can pass on your real estate, personal property, vehicles, investments, businesses, and other assets.

Obtain a Last Will and Testament approved by Oklahoma City Estates Attorney

Our Oklahoma City law office can prepare your Last Will & Testament, as well as other aspects of your estate plan, such as Trusts, Joint-Tenancy Deeds, and Power of Attorney designations. If you would like a consultation to discuss your comprehensive estate plan, including a Last Will & Testament, send us an email or call (405) 724-8112.