OKC Real Estate Lawyer can draft your commercial and residential Leases

Person handing over keysA lease is a written contract between Landlords and tenants that prescribes all relevant and important information about the rental agreement. Having a good lease is key to making the most profit out of your real estate business.

A good lease makes property management easier. This is true both in the residential sector as well as the commercial sector. A good lease properly notifies the tenant about all fees, when they will be implemented, how they are assessed, how time lines are calculated, where to make payments, when payments are considered late, and how to get the security deposit refunded. By giving clear instructions to your tenant, you assist them in understanding their obligations and how to perform those obligations.

Travis Charles Smith is an Oklahoma City Real Estate lawyer that can assist you in:

  • Negotiating the best terms
  • Drafting residential leases for landlords
  • Drafting commercial leases for landlords or tenants
  • Drafting rules and regulations for the common areas of the property
  • Drafting lease addendums, to add new terms

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