Do you need to clear an old criminal record in Oklahoma?

If you were charged with a crime, whether misdemeanor or felony, those records are open to public.  If your case was dismissed, it is still open to the public. Anyone can read about your case. Just click on this website and search. However, they will probably stop reading before the part where your felony was amended to a misdemeanor.

Even if you were arrested but no charges were ever filed, that information is open to the public as well. And it is really easy to get. It only costs $15 to order a complete criminal history report from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, which is the state agency that collects data on arrests and criminal charges across the state.

How do criminal records affect your finances?

Most apartment complexes conduct back ground checks prior to leasing. So do most employers. Before they hire you, a company wants to know what you have done in the past. Many people have missed out on higher paying jobs because of something stupid that came up in a background check that in no way reflects their character or integrity but is anyway used against them. That is injustice.

Banks and lenders can also use this information in the underwriting process when determining the risk of the loan, and how much interest to charge.

Child custody and divorce. If it is open to the public it is fair game and it will come up. Get it expunged and it becomes a lot harder to enter this information into evidence in a divorce proceeding.

Expunge your Criminal Records in Oklahoma so you can make more money!

The benefit of an expungement is that you are free to pursue higher education, better employment, and better housing.

Your privacy is valuable. You are your most valuable asset! Why pursue any other investment until you have first invested in yourself? Invest in yourself, first.

How much does an expungement in Oklahoma cost?

In Oklahoma, an expungement is a civil process that is filed in your local county court house. It involves filing a civil suit, notifying all law enforcement agencies who were involved in your case, getting them to agree to the expungement and then asking the judge to expunge your case. After the judge grants your expungement, we must then send the court order to all agencies — city, police, State department — and notify them of your expungement.

So there is a filing fee to the court and then processing fees charged by the law enforcement agencies.

For all of this, we charge a flat fee, not hourly, for expungements in the OKC Metro area and throughout the state. Call our office today to get a price quote for your particular case.

We are Oklahoma City Expungement Lawyers and we are fast and affordable!

We are Oklahoma City Expungement Lawyers who want to make a difference. We want to expunge as many cases as possible for as many people as possible, so that people can realize their full potential and not be discriminated against for old criminal records.

We charge less than half of what other lawyers charge. We charge low flat rates for full Section 18 expungements across the state. That is the most complete expungement process available in Oklahoma. And we do it for the lowest price. For cases in rural counties, we are still cheaper than many local lawyers in those areas. For a free price quote, complete this form.

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