Expunging Misdemeanor Criminal Records in Oklahoma from Public Access

The most common type of crime a person will commit is a misdemeanor. Misdemeanor crimes include traffic violations, petty drug offenses, DUI, petty theft and incidents that disturb the peace.

Many people make bad decisions when they are young, and sometimes that results in a misdemeanor charge or conviction.

The good news is that you can expunge misdemeanor crimes off of your record in Oklahoma. And expungement attorney Travis Charles Smith can help you do that quickly and at low cost.

How long do you have to wait after your misdemeanor case has been closed to ask the court to seal and expunge it forever? That depends on what happened in your case.

  • If you paid a fine of five hundred dollars or less, we can expunge it immediately.
  • If you paid a fine greater than five hundred dollars, or received jail time (including suspended time), then we can expunge your case five years after completion of the sentence
  • If the prosecutor dismissed your case, we can expunge it so long as the statute of limitations for re-filing the case has passed (i.e. 3 years from date of crime)
  • If you pleaded guilty, but received a deferred sentence, and successfully completed your probation, you only need to wait one year after completion to expunge your case

The process for Sealing Misdemeanor charges and convictions from public Access in Oklahoma

The Expungement process involves filing a petition in the District Court where you were originally charged. Your petition will inform the court that you are eligible for expungement and that you wish to fully expunge and seal your misdemeanor charges.

Travis will then notify the district attorney, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and any other law enforcement agencies that were involved. Travis will work with those prosecutors and agencies and try to get everyone to agree to expunging your misdemeanor case. Once an agreement has been met, Travis will present your case to the judge and ask for the case to be fully expunged from public record.

Once your case has been expunged, you can legally deny it ever happened. Employers, landlords, universities and professional associations are prohibited from asking about any expunged cases. Therefore, you may apply for jobs, loans, and housing and leave blank any mention of your expunged case.

Travis can handle your case for a low, flat rate, that includes filing fees and costs. Travis works these cases very quickly, and can usually have your case expunged within 60 days.

We know that this is important to you and that you probably have many important decisions depending on the outcome of your expungement. We are able to work with your remotely, so that if you live outside of Oklahoma, that is no problem to us getting your case sealed. We are able to communicate via email and keep you in the loop about any important developments or updates on your expungement.

When you need to clean up your record, let Travis take the worry of your past legal problems off of your shoulders.