This post kicks off a new blog series on the topic of expunging a municipal arrest, or charges that were filed in municipal court, as opposed to your county’s District Court. 

This is a relevant topic, as many of the lesser crimes, such as marijuana possession, public intox, disorderly conduct, larceny, and even DUI – are charged in Municipal Court.  Therefore, many of our clients come to us with municipal court charges. These charges still come up on a background check. And still show the crime, conviction, etc. But many people are confused by the differences in these two court systems. 

Therefore, we will explain those differences in this blog series. We will explain: 

The good news is that if you are concerned about keeping your criminal history private, municipal charges can be expunged. There are several reasons why, including the fact that municipal charges will always be in the misdemeanor category, as well as the shorter sentences that you receive in municipal court (since municipal courts are legally restricted from handing out longer sentences).

If you have questions about a municipal court case in Oklahoma, you can send us an email about your case. 

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