Lawsuits are long and complex, so you’ve heard. But why?

What takes so long and what are the lawyers doing during that time? How often does the judge get involved? What can the typical client expect during their own lawsuit?

All are good questions, and we are going to give you answers. In this blog series, we will explain the lawsuit process in Oklahoma, from start to finish.

We previously explained how the settlement process works. But settlements usually come toward the end of a lawsuit (the big settlements, anyway).

The anatomy of a lawsuit involves the following:

Accurate Information about the Legal Process in Oklahoma

In this series of articles, we will break down the entire legal process, step by step, from the initial meeting of the client through all stages of investigating the case and bringing the lawsuit in court to obtaining compensation through trial or settlement.

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Oklahoma City Lawyer’s Mission: Every Case must be about the Client’s Cause

Travis Charles Smith dedicates his practice to representing people who have been injured, financially harmed, or seriously wronged. His cases involve personal injuries, property damage, environmental trespass damages, lawsuits against State and local governments, nursing home abuse, and insurance disputes. The common theme in all of these cases is that good people are harmed or taken advantage of by the wrongful conduct of either a large corporation, insurance company, or the government. Travis’s clients are ordinary Oklahomans who are faced serious legal obstacles to justice. Every single case is accepted on the condition that we are willing to take it to trial because we believe in the client’s cause and that the client truly deserves justice.