OKC Real Estate Lawyer assists with real estate Transactions in Oklahoma City

Property deed with a penReal estate is one of the best asset classes for long term investors and will always be a great investment in any portfolio. Even businesses can benefit from owning real estate. And Oklahoma City has become one of the hottest markets in the country for out-of-state investors.

As an investor, your goal is to build wealth from real estate, not incur litigation and invite lawsuits. Therefore, it is integral to all transactions that you have the best legal advice available to ensure you do not expose yourself to unnecessary litigation from poorly drafted documents or ambiguities in contracts.

Oklahoma City Real Estate Lawyer Travis Charles Smith can help you avoid liability and protect you with rock solid contracts. Our office can assist you in a number of areas:

  • Purchasing real estate
  • Selling land or real estate
  • Owner-financing a piece of real estate
  • Drafting mortgages and promissory notes
  • Drafting power of sale clauses in mortgages
  • Contract for Deed arrangements to buy real estate “subject to” existing mortgages to take over low interest loan payments

We understand real estate – the tax advantages and the wealth potential for investors – and we understand Oklahoma law and how to avoid litigation, or win if it happens anyway.

For more information or for analysis on your particular case, call us at (405) 724-8112 or send us an email.