Sealing Criminal Records in Oklahoma from Public Access

More people than ever have some form of public record that identifies a criminal case or arrest. Whether from adolescent mistakes or law enforcement errors, many good, honest people have criminal records that do not reflect their real character or aptitude for moral judgment.

Minor offenses in Oklahoma are over policed; much more so than in prior generations. Too many people bear the scars of the drug war. All of these encounters with law enforcement are recorded in public records and are accessible to anyone willing to look, which often includes employers, landlords, banks, and universities.

The good news is that Oklahoma Law allows you to seal from public view certain criminal records. This process is called Expungement.

Once your case has been expunged, you can:

  • Legally deny that the criminal records ever existed,
  • Legally deny you were ever arrested
  • Legally deny it ever happened

If this is important to you, then we need to decide if you are eligible for expungement.

The first step in determining eligibility is to identify what type of case you are trying to expunge:

In some circumstances, you may have records in all four categories that need to be expunged. We can and have helped clients expunge records in each of those four categories at the same time, and all for an affordable flat fee.

Each of these categories have different eligibility requirements. Once we have identified the type of charge/case you need to expunge, we can identify if it is eligible for expungement. Once we have confirmed your eligibility, we can begin the process.

How does the Expungement (Sealing Criminal Records) Process work in Oklahoma

Our Expungement process is simple and straightforward. We will file suit in the County Court where your records are located, we will notify the District Attorney, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI), and any necessary law enforcement agencies that were involved in your case.

If you have multiple cases in multiple counties, we will have to file separate expungement petitions in each county. This is not a problem and we do it all the time.

If necessary we will hold a hearing before a judge, but most often we are able to obtain Court approval for the expungement without any court hearings and without our clients ever having to do anything at all other than hiring us. The entire process usually takes less than 60 days.

We handle misdemeanor and criminal expungements for as low as $499 plus costs. We handle VPO expungements for as little as $899 plus costs.

As you can imagine, expungements are game changers for our clients. Almost immediately, the client realizes the real positive impact that an expungement has on their personal and professional life.

Expunging criminal records greatly improves opportunities related to:

  • Employment,
  • Education,
  • And even what apartment or residence is available.

Many landlords and apartment complexes perform state background checks before leasing housing in Oklahoma. Same goes for employers and professional licensing bodies.

By expunging your case, you prevent all of these people from accessing your past records, and further, you prevent them from being able to legally ask about it.

However, you must expunge your records before you apply for these jobs or housing if you want to keep your past criminal records a secret.

Get started now! Contact our experienced and affordable Oklahoma Expungement Attorneys

Complete this form to get started. We will analyze your case and get back with you by email whether your case qualifies for expungement and how much it will cost.

After analyzing your case, and determining eligibility for expungement, Travis will conduct the initial consultation. This can be done in person or over the phone if more convenient. After the initial consultation, you will know exactly how much to expect in fees & costs.

Travis will file your case, and work through the process quickly. As long as there are no objections, we will get your expungement approved and completed without you ever having to come to our office or come to court.

Only if the government objects to your expungement will there be any delay or complication. And this only happens if 1) the client does not reveal charges from other states, or 2) the case has certain unusual circumstances (e.g. murder charge was dropped because of witness unavailability, etc).

We strive to make this process as quick, easy for the client, and affordable as is possible. We know that you need to this process to happen quickly so that you can move on with improving your life and we are here to help make that happen!