What is an Expungement?

Oklahoma law allows people to seal certain records from public view, including:

Without an expungement, all of those records are publicly available. Some records are available online, through the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network (OSCN.net) or through local municipal court websites. And anyone can pay $15 to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and obtain a criminal record background check on anyone who has ever been arrested or had criminal charges filed in Oklahoma.

How does an Expungement work in Oklahoma?

An expungement is a legal process of sealing your records from public view. It requires filing a civil suit in district court and asking the judge to order that your records be completely sealed from public view.

If the expungement is granted by the Court, then your records are to be sealed from the public, and you can then legally deny the arrest, charge, or VPO ever happened.

To be eligible, you must meet certain criteria, such as never having been convicted of a felony or have any type of case currently pending in court. The records you seek to expunge must also qualify for expungement, as certain cases can not be expunged.

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