How do you pay for post-accident medical treatment in Oklahoma?

Let’s get straight to the issue. Here are the facts:

You were in a car accident. You did not cause the wreck. It was not your fault. You were injured.

Now, for the issue: how do you pay for treatment?

If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, how do you pay for medical treatment? We will answer this question in this blog series.

Frequently asked questions about car accident injuries and treatment in Oklahoma

  • Should I go to the doctor?
  • Will the hospital or clinic charge me directly?
  • Will they the insurance company for of the person who caused the wreck (and my injury) pay for the medical treatment?
  • Should I get treatment immediately, or should I first attempt to arrange payment for the treatment?

All of these are good questions because they are the exact same questions any person in this situation would naturally ask. They are also the most frequently asked questions online.

We will answer these questions in this blog series.

Read our Blog series on post-accident medical treatment in Oklahoma

Because there is high demand for this information, we are going to spend an entire blog series covering these topics relating to post-accident treatment. In this article series, we will cover the following:

We will cover all of these topics in this series. If you have a question that we did not cover in this blog series, then feel free to send us an email with your question.