Are you a real estate investor in Oklahoma? If so, you will greatly benefit from connecting with a real estate attorney that understands your particular investment strategy. There are many different ways to be successful in real estate investing, especially in Oklahoma. There is no one strategy that is best for any person. Instead, you will want to develop a strategy that works for you, depending on your experience, size of your portfolio, your net worth, and what simply interests your.

Some examples of different types of real estate investing would be:

In this series of blog articles, I will address different legal needs that are common to each of these different real estate investors.

For example, a buy-and-hold investor will have much more involvement with Oklahoma laws surrounding landlord-tenant relations. Things like evictions and sending legal notices for lease violations will be part of the normal business for a landlord.

For an investor that buys land and sells it, the legal needs will differ. For buying unimproved land, there can be a need to legally separate the land into different parcels, so smaller lots can be sold off. Then you have investors that choose to sell properties and finance the purchase price for the buyer. These are often called “seller-carry” or “seller-financing” arrangements. Those types of investors will need to have attorneys that can draft the necessary seller financing documents to best protect the investor/seller and secure the balance in event of the buyer’s default.

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Whether you invest in commercial real estate or residential real estate, you will greatly benefit by developing a relationship with a local attorney that handles real estate matters. For example, you will want your leases to be up-to-date with current laws if you are a buy-and-hold investor. You’ll also want to be well prepared to pursue an eviction if the tenant defaults.

Other investors, like those looking to sell their properties with alternative financing arrangements, will want to consult with a real estate lawyers about various contract structures, whether that be mortgages with Power of Sale clauses, or Contract for Deed arrangements that allow the seller to keep the title until the buyer pays off the purchase price.

Let’s start with the first topic of this series, and that will be consulting with an attorney before wholesaling properties in Oklahoma.

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