A nursing home has a duty to provide adequate care for the residents. Therefore, nursing homes have a duty not only to refrain from activities that are abusive, but they have a duty to investigate and remove any persons involved in abuse of the patients. Unfortunately, many nursing homes do not take the proper precautions to prevent abuse. Therefore, you should be on the alert for any signs of elder abuse in your nursing home.

Types of Elder Abuse in Oklahoma

Abuse can come n the form of direct intentional actions, whether verbal or physical, as well as in the form of inaction, such as neglect, and failing to provide basic care.

Direct Intentional Abuse

Nursing home abuse can be direct, such as physical or verbal abuse. If a certified nursing aide or any staff member verbally abuses a patient, the nursing home should intervene to stop the abuse. Verbal abuse could be name-calling or it could be even more malicious, such as tormenting the person with mean thoughts and threats.

Physical abuse can come in the form of slapping the patient or being overly aggressive in administering the care. There have been incidents in Oklahoma City of staff members shoving gloves in the mouth of patients so as to torment them. Such abuse shocks the conscious. But it happens, and shows the need for bringing legal action to keep these nursing home operators in check.

Indirect Abuse: harm from neglect and lack of care

Some of the worst forms of abuse are not even direct actions, but result from a complete lack of action. Allowing a patient to sit or lie in soiled sheets is unacceptable. In some cases, this can lead to greater health complications and even death. Such neglect can cause the entire body to become infected with sepsis.

Other examples of neglect are when a patient incurs pressure ulcers or bed sores from lack of attention. A nursing home’s care plan should identify when a patient is at risk for pressure ulcers, and if the patient is a high-risk, plans should be implemented to avoid the bed sores.

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