In our last post, Travis Charles Smith explained that Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements are not enforceable in Oklahoma. This is very clear in both state statutes as well as in case law. In Oklahoma, Nursing Homes cannot force patients or their families to arbitrate their grievances against the nursing home.

So the question becomes, if arbitration agreements are not enforceable, why do so  many nursing homes in Oklahoma require families to sign one before admission into the home? Why would they make you sign a document that is not enforceable?

In this video, Travis explains why Oklahoma Nursing Homes still require families to sign arbitration agreements:

Nursing Homes use Arbitration Agreement to discourage patients from seeking Justice through the Courts

Nursing Homes cannot compel residents, patients, or their families to arbitrate their disputes over the nursing home’s care (or lack of) in Oklahoma. So why do nursing homes require these arbitration agreements to be signed when admitting a new resident? At best, the nursing home is really hoping that you will arbitrate your claims, and at worst, the Nursing Home is trying to discourage you from using your constitutional rights to jury trial, and may even possibly be hoping you are discouraged from even contacting a lawyer.

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