Why should you expunge your Oklahoma arrest record? Because you can. And because you should.

This question is like asking why should you seek to reach your full potential. Why should make an effort to be successful at all?

Your past criminal record is in the past. But it could be holding you back from opportunities in both the present and the future.

As I’ve written about before, criminal records can impact your ability to get into college, can affect the disciplines you study, such as in the nursing and health care fields.  Arrest records can bar you from getting good jobs, even if you have the skills and are a hard worker.

Last but not least, you may be learning the hard way that finding good apartments and housing can be difficult if next to impossible due to your criminal record. And if your criminal record has not impacted you yet, why would you wait for it to happen?

You should expunge and erase your criminal record because we live in the information age and access to information is accelerating and increasing; not slowing down and decreasing. Think about how easy it is to find information about a person online today. Do you think that capability is going to be limited in the future? Or will it be easier, quicker, more convenient, all around more accessible?

Expungements are more necessary in 2018 than ever before

Expungements were not nearly as important in decades past as they are today. Because information was not as readily accessible in the past. Any person with a computer and an internet connection can search public records and learn way too much. This was not possible in the past. Which is why prior generations did not have to worry about how an old arrest record would impact their life.

Today, nearly all big companies (and a growing number of small businesses) perform background checks on prospects before hiring. These companies either perform the backgounds searches themselves, or they hire third-party companies to perform these routine searches. Third-party companies are usually even more thorough, and search multiple data bases to collect as much information as possible.

Even Self-employed individuals need expungements

Are you self-employed? That’s great. You never plan on working for “the man.” You are not looking to get hired by someone else, you work for yourself. Therefore, your arrest record won’t hurt you. Here is why that thinking is wrong.

If you have children and plan to participate in school activities, be prepared to have the school confront you with a background check. Schools will now run criminal history reports on parents who attend field trips, supervise or chaperon events, or participate as volunteer or assistant coaches.

I have encountered individuals who simply wanted to volunteer with their church’s nursery (help baby sit during church service) and could not because they had an arrest record that was thirty years old. And they didn’t even live in Oklahoma anymore! (Yes, your Oklahoma arrest record will follow you even if you move out of state).

Expungements are your way of exercising Your Right to Privacy

You have a legal right to privacy. You should use it.

If you were arrested in the past, the case is over. You paid the fines, or served the time, or maybe the charges were even dropped. Whatever the case, it does not matter. It was in the past.

But until you expunge that record, be prepared to have to explain it. Over and over and over throughout your life time.

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to explain that story ever again? Think about. Traffic stops with police officers; dealing with public and government agencies. Purchasing fire arms or gong to the shooting range. Dealing with the public or private school system. Dealing with child care facilities. Changing jobs and moving through your career.

Take back your privacy and have a clean, empty, blank slate.

Expungements are quick, affordable, and convenient when you hire Travis Charles Smith

I make the expungement process as convenient and seamless as possible. You simply contact me by phone or email, I get some information from you, I will quote you a price over the phone that will include everything; there will be no hidden charges or surprise fees. And then I get started on your case. It usually takes less than 60 days and the whole process is complete.

Call me at (405) 724-8112 to get started. You will not regret this decision!