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Wrongful death can result from nursing home abuse and neglect incidents; motor-vehicle accidents and pedestrian/bicycle accidents, among many other scenarios where people are reckless or negligent.

A Lawyer who Represents Family Members of the Deceased

Losing a loved one is the worst type of loss a human being can experience, especially if the death is not from natural causes but because of another’s negligent or reckless behavior or actions.

Oklahoma City attorney Travis Charles Smith represents family members of the deceased in wrongful death actions.

The purpose of a wrongful death action is to hold accountable those who wrongfully caused another person to die. It is the only legal way for a private party to vindicate the rights of the deceased and the rights of the family that must live with the tragedy.

Further, a wrongful death suit can recover money for medical costs owed by the estate, funeral costs, loss of income, support for minor children, and for emotional damages suffered by the family.

If you have questions about who is eligible to bring the suit, how long you have to file suit, how much money can be recovered, or how the money is distributed, see our article on Bringing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Oklahoma or call Travis directly at (405) 724-8112 for specific questions.

Legal Fees for hiring Travis Charles Smith as your Wrongful Death Lawyer.

We do not charge for consultations and do not charge up-front retainers. All cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means we only charge a legal fee if we are successful in winning a verdict or settlement.

How much do we charge? Many factors go into deciding the percentage, including the facts and circumstances surrounding the event, the availability of witnesses, and other factors revolving around liability, contributory negligence and legal issues regarding the evidence. With that being said the fee likely to be between one-third and 40% of the net amount recovered in a wrongful death suit, but may be less if the clients are minor children. However, the client pays nothing up front, and owes nothing unless and until money is recovered.

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